---- Learning How to Learn SciencE ---   


The Secret to True Success and Enjoyment

The Low Down – The Real Deal



Our (your) real needs are:

to be able to understand and apply the science facts & concepts.


Rationale and How To:  

To be able to do this (learn and enjoy science)  you must have (own*) the facts

that’s the  stuff which you memorize (i.e. vocab words).

You simply must own* the vocab words to be able to apply them, to have usable knowledge.

At some points, you will be asked to just repeat the facts back (in your words or that of the book – which ever you find the easiest) so long as you get them correct, and understand what you are saying. This is the foundation level of knowledge –without it you have very little  and will mostly (or constantly) have a great deal of difficulty as time progresses and we move  to the real meat (the next higher level of learning – the conceptual level) and very enjoyable part of the discipline of science.


The How Toos of Attaining, Acquiring, Getting, Memorizing,

Owning Science Facts:

This comes in many manners, choices and flavors.

You already have experienced and are using many of these strategies, nothing new here.

They (the strategies) comes in many disguises and appearances –

Flashcards, foldables, songs, skits, pictures, word associations – the way doesn’t  matter – so long as you accomplish the goal of ownership. Many times this may even get you at least a 65% on an exam. But that is what I call cheap knowldege – learning for the wrong purpose (learning just to get a 65 on an exam is cheap knowldege.)


to own* = in Dr. Drantch terms – to be able to speak, write, and comfortably use the science terms and thoughts (with as great an ease as you state your own name when asked).


That’s It – the big deal – now go study !


Happy Trails to ya !

Ps:  Please let me know by email if you read this and what you think of it. Thanks.