Science Journal Directions and Rubric


Directions for Completing Journal


1.     Make name and class number clear and easy to read on front cover (at least 2 cm height) and inside cover

2.     puts tabs on each section

a.     TOC page 1,2

b.    LOR page 5,6

c.     Glossary page 177,178

3.     Apply protective cover to outside covers (3 inch clear tape slightly overlapped keeps all materials under it safe)

4.     Decorate with interesting science pictures (not rock stars, sport figures etc)

5.     Make covers (front and back) attractive, colorful, fun to show off and explain

6. Leave enough empty space so that pictures are not crowded and overdone, at least 7/8 of marble back round is covered


See below for 4,3,2,1 rubric



A - 1. directions for name and class numbered followed

2. protective covering

3. tab with titles (TOC, LOR, Glossary)

4. pages correctly numbered 1-200

5. Titles put on tab pages

Ie Table of Contents

Labs, Observations, reflections


6. Outside pictures well done and chosen to represent science

7. Critical -------- Handed in On time


B one of the above # 1-5 missing

C - two of the above items not present


F 3 or more of the above missing


If Late any of the above grades dropped one grade lower






Follows Directions




Followed all directions exactly

Lettering/numbering clear and easy to read,

Maybe word processed

Many well done hand drawn pictures or

Many colorful downloaded drawing or many attractive pictures


Followed most directions

Some erasures and corrections

Some of the above


Followed only 1 or 2 directions

Many corrections

A few of the above


Followed 1 or none

Sloppy, disorganized