Daily Classroom Safety

School and Classroom Rules

These rules are here for your safety,

the safety of others,


the fair and equitable carrying out of the Educational Process


Not following the rules or defiance of these rules is a possible cause of:

injury or insubordination.

(if you donít understand the above words Ėuse the strategies youíve been taught to figure them out or ask a parent)

Breaking these rules and advisories

will activate the NYCDOE School Discipline Code

as well as

the William Carr Code of Conduct*

*      please note you signed for and received the William Carr Code of Conduct at the beginning of the year

*      additionally the class conduct and materials list has been posted on this website



1. Follow all school rules without fail.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Get to know your student handbook and rules.

†††††††††† Become familiar with the NYCDOE Discipline Code and Consequences


2.Always come to class prepared.

Notebook, paper, pens, agenda book, homework done, readings completed, ready for a quiz at any time.


3.Be on time.

†††† Seated quietly and copying homework, objective and other assignments or listening for instructions .


4.Enter class quietly, take your seat and begin copying your homework from the board.


5.Raise your hand to be called on- you must be patient ( I may be busy or there are others ahead of you with more urgent needs)


6.Follow all directions the first time given


7.Donít talk back or speak, unless requested or told to do so.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Defensive comments or arguing will only lead to trouble.


8.Stay seated unless told you may leaveyour seat.


9.Complete your homework within the deadline given.


10. Do not touch anything on the teacherís desk without permission.


11. Pay strict attention to lab safety and rules.


12. Take careful and well written class notes.

Class notes should be easy to read and reflect all work done in class.

Do not waste time with white out, draw a line through something or cleanly erase it.


13. Remember you lab safety rules


14. Donít try to copy school demonstration experiments at home and NEVER do any experiment at home unless you have parental approval or supervision.


15. Addendum- our classroom is tight and the aisles narrow Ė for the safety of all, it is imperative (mandated, a very strict important rule) that upon entry to class:

agenda and 3 ring binder are swiftly and safely removed from the holder (book bag etc) and the book bag is immediately put at your feet under the table Ė

†††††††††††† (NOT- hooked on the back of your chair and not used as a back rest, between your back and the back of the seat)




††††††††††††††††† Eyes on me,

†††††††††††††† †††when I have your eyes,

I have your ears,

††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††† when I have your ears,

I have your brains, and

†††††††††††††† when I have your brains, WE have 36 brains working together and WE have power(the power learning and the power of knowledge).




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